…a virtuoso of the evening’s titular instrument.

…undeniably captivating.


Startlingly beautiful…
– Backstage

Rosser is among today’s elite players.

– The Hartford Courant

…one of the most accomplished Thereminists in the world. His technique and intonation are
truly remarkable. He is also a marvelous humorist. When he combines music and humor, it makes for
a wonderful musical experience. He is the Victor Borge of the Theremin. Brilliant

The audience was utterly mesmerized (the appropriate word) by his playing and utterly charmed by his
openness in talking about the physics involved. I cannot recommend him too highly.

- Robin Hirsch, Proprietor, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

[the client] …could not stop raving about you and Xu’s performance and how much enjoyment
the recipients got out of it!
– Concerts in Motion, re: duo concert with theremin and pianist Xu Cheng

Kip Rosser, one of the most accomplished thereminists in the country, has a way of really capturing
his audience through his excellent storytelling skills and sense of humor. His presentation
before an audience of over 500 children at the Temple Performing Arts Center was simply amazing.

- Knight Arts

Your presence and presentation were very much appreciated, not only by me and the Board of Tesla
Science Center, but also by the attendees of the conference who had the good fortune to hear and see
you perform. It was a pleasure to hear your musical performance. I’m sure the audience would agree.
The children, and the child in each of us, were delighted… We believe we can count the conference a
great success, in part because your performance was so enjoyable.

– Jane Alcorn, President, Tesla Science Center


TWO REVIEWS of the Classical Music CD, Euphonic Verses

(1)…an ambitious program, it really shows off the instrument in its most sophisticated musical light.
The variety is wonderful, from Gershwin to Liszt to Piazzolla… very impressed with [the] technique,
both in slow and fast passages. The Piazzolla fast finger work is so clean and energetic. Bravo overall!
…[the] playing technique sounds like a new and very unique approach to the theremin.
– Albert Glinsky, Author of “Theremin – Ether Music and Espionage”

(2) Yesterday I received a copy of Kip Rosser’s new CD entitled EUPHONIC VERSES. His playing, to say
the least, is flawless… I listened to the entire CD in open mouthed amazement at some of the most difficult
passages ever played on the theremin. The way he positively flits, effortlessly, from note to note is simply
magical. There is humor, drama, and pathos embodied in his music… his music should and must be heard to
realize the individualistic talents of this brilliant musician… showing the world that the theremin is not
just a novelty but a true musical instrument capable of evoking a panorama of emotional delights.
– Howard Mossman, Thereminist, Engineer and Builder of original 1929 RCA Theremins


Thanks so much for being there… you contributed so much to the success of the day. Your great
personality and your interest in people were assets in addition to your theremin.

– New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts

I know everyone shared my delight in your performance. Your discussion of the life of Mr. Theremin
over dinner was a bonus.

– John A. Dierdorff, Acting Secretary, The Coffee House, NYC

A Kip Rosser performance is more than just music, it’s good theatre. Unlike a lot of thereminists,
Kip doesn’t just wave his arms around…he makes music.
– WFMU Radio, 91.1 FM, NJ

This brilliant showman is an angel who does not fear to go where other angels shy away.
When a real talent comes along with the sensitivity and imagination such as he displays I can
only rejoice. He possesses a remarkable ability to produce serial staccato and come in on each
adjacent note with uncanny precision. No one else that I have ever heard can do this —
startling ability where the theremin is concerned.
– Howard Mossman, Thereminist, Engineer and Builder of original 1929 RCA Theremins


THREE REVIEWS of Kip Rosser’s original film score to the Michael Jason Allen film,
An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground:

(1) …perhaps the best part of Idle Mind is Kip Rosser’s original score. The use of the theramin [sic]
throughout the film enhances the scenes beautifully & tips the movie off as being as eerie & creepy as
it intends to be. It is the perfect accent to this 60’s horror throwback. The score alone makes the movie
worth a watch.
– Holly Glinski,

(2) Another unique aspect of the film and well worth mentioning is the music score… In the hands (literally)
of Mr. Rosser, the often novelty-like sound of the theramin [sic] is expertly elevated to a higher level of
musicianship and tonal quality placing it alongside the atmospheric sound track beauty usually only attainable
from a full orchestra. It is a truly unique, haunting and strangely memorable score.
– Spats White, Film maker, Television writer, Producer

(3)…there is a slow burning bit of dread that is helped massively by the creepy as hell soundtrack that feeds
a lot into the film itself as Sid is a musician who plays this weird instrument that consists of wires coming
out a box. It has a mournful sound that a side character; new next door neighbour Anne Devoroux
(Laura Mestas) describes as ‘an opera singer crying.
– Daniel Simmonds,


A new cultural phenomenon. Kip has perfect pitch musically and personally. He performed numerous
times at the David Sarnoff Library, attracting and engaging listeners and novice performers of all
ages during his presentations and concerts. Kip can play a wide array of popular music, tunes, and
themes on the antique theremin and his modern instrument with equal facility, and interweave an
informative and amusing patter as needed between songs. Highly recommended for “icebreaker” events,
receptions, holiday parties, product intros, etc

– Dr. Alex Magoun, Outreach/Public Historian at IEEE History Center

…a brilliant performer, who brings a number of remarkable talents to the table. First, he’s one of the
best and most innovative Thereminists in the world. Second, with his long experience as an actor and
lecturer, he has the ability to connect spontaneously with an audience, drawing them in and entertaining
them with the easy delivery of an experienced comedian. He’s a master at handling a crowd and keeping
them on the edge of their seats.
– Jef Anderson, Copywriter for Marketers of Learning & Lifestyle, Art & Culture, Travel & Nature

…everyone loved you, and you were wonderful adapting to the audience’s ages.

– Visitation BVM School, Philadelphia, PA

Kip is a brilliant performer, both knowledgeable and engaging. I have seen him perform for a variety
of audiences, both young and old, and he never fails to captivate them on musical and technological
levels. In addition, I have collaborated with him on pieces I have composed for the theremin and he is
a gifted musician.

- Rita Asch, Independent Music Professional

Excellent! The students not only enjoyed seeing and hearing the theremin, but they will remember
the presentation for a long time to come.
– St. Cecilia School, Philadelphia, PA

Kip’s performance at my art opening added a dynamic that enlivened the crowd and made the event
feel more special and festive. His presence and perfectly appropriate performance amazed and
entertained the guests, many of whom had never seen a theremin before. As unusual and rare a treat
as his music is, it struck a nice balance with the art and in no way overpowered it.
– Kate Graves, Foundry Technician, National Casting Center, Alfred University

…an excellent show… a great time and the multimedia was seamless.

– Observatory, Brooklyn, NY

Your presentation was interesting and funny, and you fully conveyed your passion for working with
students and opening their minds to the world of music and musical expression.

- Musicopia

Your presentation opened up a new world of music for many by introducing the theremin. It was not
hard to imagine the reaction of an audience of children to this strange and exciting new device —
grownups had the same response themselves.

- Musicopia

If there was a College of Theremin, Kip Rosser would be the President. He is a consummate
professional, a pleasure to work with, and his knowledge and expertise with his instrument are
inspiring to me as a composer. On “Scientists in the Woods” I had full confidence that
Kip would give me the sound I was asking for, and also provide me with insight into sounds I
didn’t know I could ask for, but wanted. In the future, I am going to convince other directors to
use Theremin, and when they do, I will be calling Kip.
– Dane Walker, Composer, “Scientists in the Woods” – A Film by Toddy Burton


REVIEW EXCERPTS of Unholy Secrets of the Theremin, presented at the NY International
Fringe Festival:

(1)The fueling energy of this play is the dynamic between [Kip] Rosser and [Jef] Anderson…
the spark between the two ecclectic characters on stage is undeniably captivating. The duo’s
direction of the show, like any good staging, is seamless and nearly invisible; the mayhem that
Rosser and Anderson unleash on the stage bends and flows according to their will. It emerges much
like the music of the Theremin, as an intricate, mysterious dance.

(2)They prove to be a deft comic team, versatile actors, and splendid musicians. Interspersed
throughout the piece are musical interludes, startlingly beautiful demonstrations of the theremin’s
eerie musicality…it’s indeed like hearing the music of the spheres.
– Backstage

(3)Kip Rosser and Jef Anderson…play many roles, including trading off their own personas as
“Kip Rosser ” and “Jef Anderson.” The pair have fantastic chemistry…moving and well written…
both are exceptional musicians…


My professor Lou Jacob once told me ‘Always work with people smarter than you.’ Kip Rosser is
unlike anyone I’ve worked with before because he truly is ahead of me in his process and keeps my
work moving forward. As a director, I often feel like I need to be a leader that sets an example
for others in terms of style or content. However, working with Kip is, for me, a true collaboration,
because I trust that he is doing his work to a caliber that is equal to or even far beyond that which
I expect of myself. In addition to his work ethic, Kip’s theremin music [for my film] is imaginative
and innovative in a way that I haven’t before seen. He introduced me to an instrument and visual
vocabulary that I had no idea existed and which now can become a part of my directing aesthetic. His
intriguing work is a gift to any director.

– Sabina Ptasnik, Film and Stage Director

LAUGHTER and DELIGHT filled the room! A theremin? A theremin!! I LOVE it!!!

– Heather Jacks, Editor,The Noise Beneath the Apple®

I have no words to express my gratitude. Kip has an incredible command over his instrument and is
able to contagiously spread his passion for theremin music. He did a terrific job and his energy/
enthusiasm and professionalism were great assets to the performance! Kip turned out to be extremely
professional, kind, and supportive. The night of the performance, he kindly took the time to tell my
fellow students more about the instrument, its history, its technique, and the possible challenges
for composers.
– Thomas Deneuville, Composer
, World Premier of “Tombeau sur le Nom de Messiaen”

Kip Rosser is much more than a theremin enthusiast. When I sat back to listen to him play
during our session, I heard a musician with a total mastery of the instrument’s language. Not
only did Kip play all of the material I had prepared, he performed it with ease and emotional
intensity. On top of all this, I found in Mr. Rosser a genuine colleague who is extremely
passionate about his various interests. A true original.

- Lushlife [nee Raj Haldar] Recording Artist !K7 Records, Berlin,

Not only does Kip Rosser provide a stunning performance, he also engages chilldren with the
theremin’s history, as well as tantalizing stories about the instrument and its inventor.
Families listened and looked in awe.

- Anna Van Scoyoc, Mercer County Library System.

You really have made a great work in there, and I cant be any more thankful. I am really
amazed about how it sounds, and your recording skills, and I am really happy I have picked you
and worked with you. I am really satisfied from the outcome of your recordings, and I have
really really enjoyed working with you, as your pieces worked very well in the mix. Since we
reached here, I would like to thank you for your hard work.and I am glad and happy, and of course
honored to work with Kip Rosser himself.

– Darkvain Jassem, Composer/Musician, 

The audience was enthralled. Kip Rosser’s show was intriguing, educational and very entertaining.
It was enjoyed by a group with a wide variety of tastes.

– Laverne Miller, Arbor Glen Retirement Community, Oldbridge, NJ

What one loves about New York is that one can meet a guy like Kip around the corner. One wouldn’t
expect the magic coming out of Kip’s theremin till he turns it on, yet one would know he is a
great guy the moment one looks in his eyes. Working with Kip is a straightforward process: at every
step one gets more than one expected. A friend of mine, my mentor in my music career and one of the
most respectable “ears” I’ve ever met, told me after we listened to the takes Kip recorded for
“Remember”: “Hey, we’ve got a real musician here”. And yes, of course, add to the equation the joy
of a noble instrument, like the theremin, and you’ll be transported to a very cool experience. Kip
sent me his takes after I left New York. The working process at a distance was much more gratifying
than many recordings I’ve done in person. Communication is clear, he works fast. He gets to the point.
He grabs the feeling immediately. All I can say is this: I’m glad we’ll have the chance to keep on
working together. I’m happy New York gives me this kind of surprises.

- DG Sebastian Yumatle, Director:aschen
Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina