There are theremin programs that encompass everything from educational presentations to playing
background jazz. Here is a partial listing. Please contact Kip Rosser to discuss creating the right type of
program for your venue or event.


Background Music for All Occasions
Half Hour to 4 Hours: For corporate functions, private parties, meetings, and even weddings!
Jazz standards, popular music, classical – we’ll work together to ensure you get the right music
to create just the right atmosphere.

Corporate Programming
Half Hour to 4 Hours: One-of-a-kind presentations for your company events that will be
remembered for a long time to come. Go way beyond the everyday and the expected. The sight
and sound of the theremin is always an extraordinary and awe-inspiring surprise. You’ll
get great music, stories, satirical takes on everything from corporate culture to technology,
and even audience participation.

  • conferences
  • annual meetings
  • marketing campaigns
  • trade shows
  • association meetings
  • keynotes
  • cocktail hours
  • holiday parties
  • executive retreats
  • board meetings
  • retirement parties
  • banquets
  • client events

  • Working with you, every event can be tailored to perfectly fit the occasion.


    The Totally Unbelievable, Incredible, Remarkable, Improbable and Forgotten History of the Theremin

    For classes from Grade 5 to Grade 8: 25 Minutes to 50 Minutes: Just the right mix of history, science and
    music – all presented with intelligence and humor. Emphasis changes to fit ages and units the class is working
    on (science, physics, music).

    Magical Music

    For classes from Kindergarten to Grade 4: 25 Minutes to 50 Minutes: It all begins with a question:

    “who believes in things that are invisible?” Then, we are off and running with music and stories and time
    for children to try it themselves.


    A Hands-On (but hands off) Experience
    45 Minutes to 3 Hours, depending upon number of participants and parameters. A session emphasizing direct
    experience of working with a theremin. Participants explore all aspects of the theremin, including basic
    playing techniques, and different genres of music.


    45 to 120 minutes, depending upon venue and event. Music-only presentations featuring either classical,
    jazz, or both.


    Scheduled Flights on the Theremin
    45 to 80 minutes, depending upon venue and event. From the boarding announcements to the flight
    attendant’s safety instructions to your multiple travel destinations, EtherAir promises to take
    you and your mind (either together or separately) to places you’ve never conceived of. Let your
    mind take off for trippy original ambient compositions and even trippier visual accompaniment.

    The Theremin and Technological Joy
    45 to 80 minutes, depending upon venue and event.Through musical demonstration as well as stories
    that cover history, physics and a look at the neurological components of emotions such as joy,
    wonder and happiness, “The Theremin and Technological Joy” humorously examines our human fascination
    with creating and possessing technological gadgetry.

    I’ve Got a Theremin and I’m Not Afraid to Use It!
    45 to 90 minutes, depending upon venue and event. Storytelling, history, technical explanations and plenty
    of music ranging from classical to jazz to popular.

    There’s A Theremin On the Radio
    45 to 90 minutes, depending upon venue and event. This irreverent treatise on the connection between the
    radio and the theremin features history, AM and FM memories from childhood, as well as classic rock
    theremin hits like Good Vibrations.

    TranscendAmbiental Medication
    45 to 80 minutes, depending upon venue and event. A comic odyssey of personal transformation and
    “meditation” on technology, freedom of speech and M&Ms, featuring ethereal and raucous ambient music.

    Sines and Ohmens
    45 to 80 minutes, depending upon venue and event. A satirical world view filtered through Nostradomus,
    electronics, Zen, the science of sound and the abundance of life-affirming “signs” we take for granted.

    The Mind Behind the Theremin
    45 to 90 minutes, depending upon venue and event. “Genius” is the category we have peopled with
    exceptional humans—beings who have revolutionized every area of endeavor throughout the ages. Our
    collective fascination with genius has spawned studies, books, workshops, exercises, and how-tos, all
    claiming that we each have a genius inside of us. Funny, touching and always thought provoking, this
    is a musical cautionary tale, a tale about the price of genius at the dawn of the technological revolution.

    A Theremin Sampler
    45 to 90 minutes, depending upon venue and event. Remember the old fashioned candy samplers?
    The ones where the name of each confection was listed on the inside of the lid? Same thing: A
    wide assortment of multi-media theremin music and stories, each with its own special “Flavor” and
    each selected from a giant candy box.

    The Alien Theremin Buffet
    45 to 90 minutes, depending upon venue and event. A totally new recipe for audience participation:
    everyone gets a menu of assorted Popular Music, Classical, Beatles, Jazz, you name it. Just place your
    order and Kip serves up the music and stories that you request. Get ready for all your ears can eat!