New Theremin Stuff Coming Soon!
Until Then, a Reprise…

There’s a new CD of original compositions being created right now, as well as three more music videos
in the works. Holidays may delay things, so, here’s an encore of one of the pieces used in live performance.


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September 29, 2018 – Save the Date
“A Theremin Smorgasbord” at
Cosmic Crossings Concert Series

It’s going to be an hour-long assortment of music and monologues, featuring three Lessons from
Vinegar Mother
, a little jazz, a tribute to early electronic music, Disney World, MRIs, what’s going on
in your brain, a classic pop tune with theremin and… swan therapy.

The second hour of the evening features electro-maestros Karl Fury, Juan Garces and David Berends,



It’s happening at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 268 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd.,
Titusville, NJ. Admission is $10.

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Trenton Computer Festival,
Here I Come!


With new music, new performance pieces, and a good portion of mad scientist hysteria, I’ll be
presenting at the amazing Trenton Computer Festival. If you’re into computers, electronics, techno-
gadgets and the one of the best geekoid experiences on the planet and you’ve never been to this
huge event, be sure to keep Saturday, March 17 open. Here’s what I’ll be doing:


The theremin was one of the very first creations of the dawn of the technological age at the beginning
of the 20th century. As such, it presaged the coming of all subsequent electronic instruments as well
as working on principles of physics that resulted in the creation of all manner of marvels, from automatic
opening doors to what was arguably the most notorious spying device ever invented: the first passive
surveillance bug, invented by Leon Theremin himself. The unstoppable rising tide of technology permeates
every aspect of our lives, from recreational to military/industrial to medical. Through musical demon-
stration as well as stories that cover history, physics and a look at the neurological components of emotions
such as joy, wonder and happiness, “The Theremin and Technological Joy” humorously examines our human
fascination with creating and possessing technological gadgetry.


Saturday, March 17
11:20am to 12:15pm
Education Building
Room ED 207
The College of New Jersey
2000 Pennington Rd
Ewing, NJ 08628
GPS Coordinates at TCNJ Entry:
40° 16’ 16” N 74° 46’ 58” W


Visit the Trenton Computer Festival Web Site!

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A Sweet Little Halloween Video


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Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments”
Classic Jazz On the Theremin

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Karma Caught Up With Us All, Oh Yes.
What Went Around Came Around.

The theremin’s interpretation of the past tense of a time-honored maxim. Here’s a composition, with
Mike Victor playing Tenori-On and Choas Box, called “What Went Around Came Around.


To Listen, CLICK HERE.

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Time is on the Menu

A theremin’s sonic homage to the gastronomic fourth dimension, with Mike Victor playing Tenori-On
and Chaos Box. CLICK HERE TO HEAR…

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The Vegan Ice Cream Truck Rides Again!

With me on theremin and Mike Victor playing Tenori-On and CHaos Box, it’s THE MUSICAL
TREAT YOU’D NEVER EAT! Tofu Fudge! Gluten-Free Gummy Goo Grapefruit! Kale Koffee
Krunch! Chubby Choco-Chard! Super Soy Sundae! Blueberry Barley Bingo! Marmite Mocha!
All the flavors you never loved as a kid! CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE SONG!


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Mendelssohn’s “Song Without Words”

The newest video, first one for 2017. It’s Felix Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words, Opus 19, No 1.
this sublimely evocative melody has fascinated me for many years. Now, finally, I’ve been able
to record it and create a short music video inspired by it.

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A Little Musical Meditation



As you ponder the image below, you may experience a fundamental shift in consciousness as your nasal
passages open like the petals of the lotus. From here, your ears are ready to receive what your nose
already knows. And so, the theremin music begins, with me and Mike Victor on Tenori-On and Chaos Box.

Clickety Click Right Here


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