Magnificent Lie’s New Album, “Secret Soirée!”
Performed Virtually “Live” with
Guess Who on Theremin?

Here’s the new album, a “Lo-Fi Neo-Triphop Electro Wave” virtual concert created by HeSaidSheSaid
Productions’ filmmaker/director/composer, Michael Jason Allen. You’ve seen tons of virtual ensembles
by now, am I right – you know, all the musicians in their little separate “boxes?” Well, if I do say so
myself, this raises the bar A LOT higher; it deserves an award for the original music itself, cinematography,
sound mixing and editing. Production values aside, the combination of Amelia’s vocals, Jason’s synth and
keyboards and percussion and sampling, Gucci’s synth and keyboards, Alex’s guitars, Gregory’s trumpet
and effects make for an End of the World Concert like nothing you’ve heard.


And, oh yeah… I’m playing the theremin.



Official Website:
Instagram: @magnificentlieofficial


0:00 – Magnificent Stranger
4:59 – I’ll Cut You
8:35 – In Fool Control
12:09 – Baltic Sea
15:39 – Eye Of the Needle
19:24 – Secret Soirée
23:52 – Vertigo
27:19 – Your Candy’s Free
31:24 – When I See You
35:21 – Production Notes & Credits

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