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“Vincent,” Nine Years Later…

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It’s hard to believe I recorded this nine years ago. Thanks always to Dan Burns and his marvelous
creation, the B3 Deluxe Theremin. This instrument’s tone and versatility helped capture the
heartbreaking beauty in Don McLean’s song. Two of Van Gogh’s starry nights in the windows.

Why is This Man Smiling?

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Simple. He has a new lease on life. It used to be a sentence of life in prison. Now it’s life on the outside.
Freedom, for the first time in 50 years. Now he’s rehabilitated. Now he’s helped hundreds of men like
himself to reform. Now he’s a role model – someone you’d look up to, someone you’d want to emulate.
But fifty years ago, he was a serial killer. Not someone you’d admire. Not someone you’d ever want
to run into. Not someone you’d ever want to emulate – unless…




…unless you’re the copycat killer in Michael Jason Allen’s new feature film, “EMULATOR,” premiering
June 20th at Super Saver Cinemas 8, 2710 W. Bell Rd., #1125 in Phoenix, Arizona . Watch for the trailier,
coming May 13th on facebook, Youtube and

The New Film from Michael Jason Allen:
“EMULATOR” – Good News…and Bad News

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The GOOD News is…


In writer/director/actor Michael Jason Allen’s seventh feature film, EMULATOR, after 50 years in prison,
Dr. Charles Sorland (depicted here with his attorney), is receiving the good news that he’s being granted
limited parole. A convicted serial killer at the age of 18, Sorland has turned his life around. With a degree in
psychology and education, he’s become model prisoner and an author/advocate at the leading edge of prisoner
reform methodology.


The BAD news is that a druggy goth weirdo has taken a liking to Charlie’s old M.O. and is killing people
exactly the way Charlie did 50 years ago. Now the cops are after Charlie – for his help.


For more information about all of Michael Jason Allen’s films, visit:


September 29, 2018 – Save the Date
“A Theremin Smorgasbord” at
Cosmic Crossings Concert Series

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It’s going to be an hour-long assortment of music and monologues, featuring three Lessons from
Vinegar Mother
, a little jazz, a tribute to early electronic music, Disney World, MRIs, what’s going on
in your brain, a classic pop tune with theremin and… swan therapy.

The second hour of the evening features electro-maestros Karl Fury, Juan Garces and David Berends,



It’s happening at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 268 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd.,
Titusville, NJ. Admission is $10.