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Meditate to 88

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In 2012, the brilliant electro-musician, Howard Moscovitz, and I spent many hours improvising over
the course of a few months – he on acoustic piano and electronic keyboard, me on a variety of
theremins. We chose what we felt were the best seventy minutes of our instrumental “conversations”
and produced our ambient CD, Exploration of the Black Exterior. This piece, 88 Evening Devotions,
from a purely musical standpoint, is an exploration of the theremin’s ability to play the notes
between notes, quarter-tones, eighth-tones, etc. These are frequencies that inhabit the expanse
beyond the boundaries of our traditional western 12-tone scale, yet still remain hauntingly melodic.
From a conceptual standpoint, the composition is a very spare meditation on fragility. The “88”
in the title refers to the number of times the “bells” sing. And the broccoli, a tree of life in microcosm,
is just plain delicious.