Performance Excerpt from Event Horizon

Last April was the premier of “Scheduled Flights on the Theremin,” a new performance piece featuring
both new compositions and a few older compositions that never had a video component from “Lessons
from Vinegar Mother” and “Euphonic Verses.” Unlike previous performance pieces that usually combine
equal parts music and commentary, “Scheduled Flights on the Theremin” is 99% music, with emphasis on
the audience watching the newly created videos for each piece while I provide accompaniment.


Videographer Nick Mellis focused primarily on the videos I created, with an occasional dissolve to show
my playing. Due to the immense size of the venue, he could not capture both me performing and the video
in a single wide shot, so he opted to double expose much of the performance.


One final note: for some reason, one channel of the audio portion of this concert, which was recorded
in stereo, occasionally cuts out. There’s nothing wrong with your computer.

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