There Are No Words

Even though it was made three years ago, there’s still something to be said for saying something
without words.

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A Scary Bizarre Thing Just Happened!

A little over a year ago, I appeared in brilliant filmmaker/director/writer Jason Allen’s psycho-thriller,
EMULATOR. As he usually does, Jason submitted the film to various festivals around the country
and he’s been nominated by the Binge Horror Film Festival for Best Feature Film Screenplay!


What’s really weird is that someone bearing a scary bizarre resemblance to me has been nominated for
Best Performance in a Feature. Two others have been nominated in this category. The results will be
announced in early November. Making the film was incredible enough, and this nomination is the
icing on the blood pudding. You can watch the entire movie on Amazon Prime! And you can watch
the trailer below.



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A Song for Then. A Song for Now.

From 1971 to 2020. Looks like what’s going on is about the same.


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Ebben! Ne andro lontana
from Catalani’s “La Wally”

So many beautiful arias sung about dire circumstances. In O Mio Babbino Caro, Lauretta sings that
if she isn’t allowed to marry the man she loves (as opposed to the one her dad wants her to get
hitched with) that she will throw herself off the Ponte Vecchio. And now we have Wally, beautiful
and wild-spirited, singing that she’ll leave home forever and wander the snowy mountains if her
father refuses to let her marry the man she loves! By the end of the opera, an avalanche has
put an end to her singing.


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O Mio Babbino Caro
from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi

From open mike night at 1867 Sanctuary, this aria was used to demonstrate the theremin’s ability to
approximate a human voice. For such an ethereal melody, it’s a pretty dire aria, with Lauretta
determined to drown herself if she is unable to marry the man she loves.


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A Romantic Anti-Pop Electro-Ballad

From the newest performance piece, “Scheduled Flights on a Theremin,” here’s the song,
“The Most Ancientest Language of Love,” by the alter-ego bizarro (and non-existent) anti-pop group,
SCREWEYE. Good beat and easy to dance to.


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The War of the Worlds:
The Wells Welles Etude!

This original piece was commissioned as the musical track used in a promo for the 2008 70th
Anniversary celebration of the infamous radio broadcast by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre.
The “Wells” (for H.G.) Welles (for Orson) Etude” features an “orchestra” of overdubbed theremins.


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Performance Excerpt from Event Horizon

Last April was the premier of “Scheduled Flights on the Theremin,” a new performance piece featuring
both new compositions and a few older compositions that never had a video component from “Lessons
from Vinegar Mother” and “Euphonic Verses.” Unlike previous performance pieces that usually combine
equal parts music and commentary, “Scheduled Flights on the Theremin” is 99% music, with emphasis on
the audience watching the newly created videos for each piece while I provide accompaniment.


Videographer Nick Mellis focused primarily on the videos I created, with an occasional dissolve to show
my playing. Due to the immense size of the venue, he could not capture both me performing and the video
in a single wide shot, so he opted to double expose much of the performance.


One final note: for some reason, one channel of the audio portion of this concert, which was recorded
in stereo, occasionally cuts out. There’s nothing wrong with your computer.

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Old Time Martian Music

Hard to believe this was so long ago. The Martian Radio Orchestra played only a few dates before it
slipped into a parallel dimension and is now viewable only to the inhabitants of Zeta Reticuli.


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THEREMIN Kartoonz!
Surreal Animated Nuggets of WTF?!

Long thought to be lost to the ether, a whole bunch of surreal animations from my former website
have surfaced. They were originally created in Flash. With the help of an expert, about 75% were
restored and now function. Some are only a few seconds long, some are looped action and others are,
well…..what on earth was I thinking? More fun than a barrel of monkey-howled sine waves!





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